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Control Flow: If statement, loops

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This video tutorial presents the use IF statement and loops.


Python for Beginners

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Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.


Python Testing: Coverage Analysis

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Coverage analysis is measuring which lines in a program are run and which lines aren't. This type of analysis is also known as 'code coverage', or more simply 'coverage'. In this article by Greg Lee


python on google app engine: creating blog engine. part 3

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in this part i am going to discuss some limitations i met at gae. to be honest there are a lot of them, but here i listed only issues for which nice workaround was found.


Python Graphics: Animation Principles

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In this article by Mike Ohlson de Fine, author of Python 2.6 Graphics Cookbook, we will cover: * Static shifting of a ball * Timed shifting of a ball * Animation - timed draw-and-erase cy


python on google app engine: creating blog engine. part 2

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in last part we configured very basic flask application for google app engine. in this part we will add some models and forms to our application. let's start with model post which represents blog post


python on google app engine: creating blog engine

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i am going to write series of articles describing process of creating a blog engine for google app engine. i suppose that you have some experience with python and web frameworks around it. i will try


developing a basic irc bot with python

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ok here is my attempt at a python irc bot tutorial.


advanced python, part 1: extending python with c

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this lesson in advanced python is going to teach c programmers how to implement some c programs in python, on windows and linux, with only free compilers. i used mingw for windows which uses gcc, and


learning pygame(simple 2d), part 5 checking for winners and finishing up

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you now have an almost complete pygame game, but you still can't win! here is what you have now.


learning pygame(simple 2d), part 4 displaying x o status

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now that we have our basics of clicking and a basic screen, let's display some characters! right now we have:


learning pygame(simple 2d), part 3 recognizing clicks

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now that you have a screen we need to do some work on the clicking a square and displaying the result. so far we have: