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Excel Vlookup

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The Vlookup function in Excel looks for a value in the leftmost column of a table, and then returns a value in the same row from another column of the table. The tutorial clearly illustrates the Vlook


Insert subtotals into a data list

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Insert subtotals into a data list


Find the value of a variable in a formula using Goal Seek

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Find the value of a variable in a formula using Goal Seek


Calculating the 95 confidence intervals using Excel

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Calculating the 95th percentile is a very useful statistical calculations. It is used in all kinds of scientific, economic or analysis situations. Doing this calculation is actually pretty easy in Exc


Relative and Absolute cell referencing

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Learn the difference between relative and absolute cell referencing in Excel.


Convert Decimals to Time

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Easily convert decimals to time in Excel.


Multiply in Excel

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Multiplication is essential in Excel. Luckily it is extremely easy. To multiply numbers or cells in Excel, we must use a basic formula. All Formula's in Excel begin with "="


Formulas in Excel

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This tutorial will teaches you how to use Formulas in Excel.


Introducing Excel Formulas

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This tutorial introduces formulas and helps you get up to speed with this important element.


COUNTIF Function - Cell Counting Tips

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There are various methods used to count cells in Excel. We will be utilizing the COUNT function. The COUNTIF function is used to count cells in a range given a certain criteria. The examples listed b