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How to Stop Startup Programs

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Learn how to stop startup programs from loading when your PC boots up. Speed up your startup process and overall PC performance with this step by step tutorial.


How to Free Up RAM

  • 544 user views 0 reviews

Your computer needs RAM to perform well. If don't have enough available RAM, your computer performance will suffer greatly. Easily free up RAM to improve your system's capacity to run applications, ga


Increasing Disk Space

  • 426 user views 0 reviews

If your hard drive is running out of space. Here are ways to help you regain some of your lost space. Windows provides easy to use tools to help you clear garbage data, temp files and other programs t


4 Ways to Speed Up Your PC

  • 415 user views 0 reviews

Speed up your PC with 4 easy to follow expert tips. Eliminate sluggish PC performance, increase disk space, and speed up your hard drive.


Slow Streaming Video: How to Fix

  • 16,216 user views 0 reviews

Speed up slow streaming video with this step by step tutorial. Eliminate buffering and choppy playback by optimizing your PC settings.


Low Virtual Memory: How to Fix

  • 2,766 user views 0 reviews

Increase virtual memory with this step by step tutorial.


How to Add Users in Windows XP

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This is another addition to our Windows Basics section. In this tutorial you will learn how to add users to Windows XP. Adding users is a great way to keep your personal files separate while still hav


Hide Windows Network Shares

  • 417 user views 0 reviews

This tutorial will show you how to hide network file shares from browsing and still be able to access them over the network.


Map Windows My Documents Folder to Network Drive

  • 450 user views 0 reviews

How to Point you're My Documents folder to another location. We have a network storage drive at work, which is backed up nightly. Since I started I have been saving all my documents on the local pc an


Remove Windows System Generated Folders

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This tutorial will show you how to get rid of those annoying system folders that Windows will install, such as My Music, My Videos, and My Pictures in you're my Documents folder. I personally have no


Remove Items from Windows XP Startup

  • 384 user views 0 reviews

Having too many programs run at startup can slow down the time it takes to log on or restart your computer. It also can be a pain to have 30 different icons in your task bar. This tutorial will show y


Schedule Windows to Automatically Restart

  • 536 user views 0 reviews

How to schedule a Windows 98/2000/XP/2003 Computer to reboot. This tutorial will show you how to schedule your PC to reboot at a given time and date, using the utility provided. This tutorial will wor