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How to make a realistic stained glass look

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The title really says it all. It‘s a tutorial in how to get a realistic looking stained glass look in gimp.


10 Most awesome Tech Brushes.

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Want to create a futuristic movie poster or a sci-fi movie scene. Well than you‘ll need some cool sci-fi and tech brushes to accomplish this task. Today I‘m going to enlist some of the best tech a


Learn the Easiest way of Eye colorization.

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Out of a huge number of tutorials available for eye-colorization some are for beginners some are for pros, but the technique I‘m going to explain in this tutorial is suitable for all ranges of read


Create awesome typography portrait in just 5 steps.

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today‘s tutorial I‘m going to introduce you with a very basic but important technique to create typographic portrait or other artworks.


Create Movie 300 like illustrations in few steps.

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in today's tutorial I'm going to show you how to achieve this Movie 300 effect with pre-made plugins in few steps


Create realistic wall impression painting in 4 steps.

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With this technique we can create pretty realistic old wall impressions or paintings


Easiest way to create realistic water drops in Gimp.

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Check out this tutorial to learn the Easiest way to create realistic water drops with Gimp.


Create realistic stickers out of any cutout images.

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I don‘t know whether you will be able to stick them on your Fridge or Room wall but for your desktop, blog or website they can be a beautiful eye-candy.


Learn Selective Colorization in 4 Steps.

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Today I'm going to discuss a very important and awesome technique in image manipulation known as "Selective Colorization". Selective Colorization is a technique in which a selected part of color image


Create Realistic Balloon Head Mouse.

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This tutorial represents a very funny and cool photo-manipulation technique known as "The Balloon Head".


Learn the easiest way to create beveled text in Gimp.

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Either it is poster designing or image editing beveled text style is proven to be a classic and massively trusted way of text styling. So today we're going to learn a very simple and easy method for c


Create minimalistic app icons in 10 steps using Gimp.

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We require icons at many places in our work. Either for an application or any custom script we need different icons to identify them. So today I'm explaining to you a very easy beginner level tutorial