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Add any application to the desktop right click menu

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In this article we will show you how to add anything to the desktop right click menu that you'd like. The right click menu is the menu that shows up when you right click on the desktop. Let us add the


Enable More Simultaneous Downloads in Internet Explorer

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As we know that the HTTP 1.1 server allows and permits only and only two connections to work at a time and the browser also gets stick and attach to this limit and boundary


Add Run as Administrator for Auto hotkeys Scripts in Windows Vis

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Auto Hotkey enable you to automate your whole computing experience, but in Windows Vista there are some significant restrictions because of which you cannot run a script as the administrator by defaul


Add "Run as Administrator" to Any File Type in Windows Vista

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Did you ever try to extract some file in the Program Files directory in Windows Vista? And what really happens, you get all kinds of denied errors, and mostly you are rejected. So now let's see that h


Help Troubleshoot the Blue Screen of Death by Preventing Automat

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Sometimes we see that if any trouble happens in the system it automatically turn of and restart again after some interval. The process of restarting after the troubleshoot will happen is so fast that


How to Create a System Image in Windows 7

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All the features provided by windows 7 are quite remarkable and striking. One of the facilities provided by windows 7 to its users is to create a system image. This feature is available in all the ver


How to Clean up Your Messy Windows Context Menu?

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Context menu of the windows has become highly irritating for the users. It looks on the system that every file and folder wants their portion of the context menu. But users can get rid from them and c


How do I kill all the iexplore.exe Processes at once?

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It has been highly tiring and exhausting for the users to click on each and every End Process button to remove and eradicate all the iexplore.exe processes. It consumes time a lot and is also not that


Help Troubleshoot the Blue Screen of Death with Blue Screen View

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The blue screen is that window which will appear when there is a troubleshot takes place. It will show the error and shut down the system automatically to solve the matter.


Speed Up SATA Hard Drives in Windows Vista

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One of the most important components of the computer is its saving hardware which is also known as the hard drive. Basically hard drive store the data for the long time and this can be portable means


How to lock the keyboard with a keyboard shortcut

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Keyboard is the input device which is normally used to input the data in every computerized device. Due to the enhancement of the technology the touch key pad or the keyboard are introduced in the mar


Remove "Shortcut" Text from New Shortcuts in Windows 7 or Vist

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Whenever users made the shortcut of any file two additional things will appear. One is its arrows which show that this is short cut and the other thing is its text "file name-short cut" which also sho