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How to easily install a local MySQL/PHP server

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An easy way to develop PHP and MySQL apps locally. How to set up a local apache server with a couple of clicks.


MySQL left join

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In this page we have discussed an advanced usage of MySQL LEFT JOIN.


How To: Reset a WordPress user Password using phpMyAdmin or MySQ

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Reset a users password on Wordpress using database tools


SQL Date Functions - Converting and Using

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SQL provides a lot of functions for manipulating dates in a database. You can store values in a date field or a datetime field. If you store the dates as unix_timestamps you can get a lot more flexibi


SQL Functions - Math Functions

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Just like how programming languages have functions built-in to allow you to do common tasks easily. So does SQL. A lot of these functions are mathematical. Some of them are more useful than others.



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Is it possible to recover data destroyed by unintentionaly confirmed DROP DATABASE command? This tutorial answers this question and offers step-by-step procedure how to do it, if possible.


Optimizing MySQL: Performance Tuning Script

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Performance Tuning Primer Script is the shell script which gets performance related information from MySQL engine and produce some recommendations for tuning of MySQL server variables. It’s easy


Optimizing MySQL: Importance of JOIN Order

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This third part of MySQL optimizing tutorial mini series shows an importance of table order during JOIN. The difference between regular JOIN and optimized one is dramatic, so keep reading!


Optimizing MySQL: Configuration Directives

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This is the first part of MySQL Optimization mini series. In this tutorial we will go thru the MySQL configuration directives which have an influence on its performance.


Optimizing MySQL: Log Slow Queries

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This tutorial is the second part of the MySQL Optimization mini series and introduces the Slow Query Log as well as describes its setup and output.


MySQL FAQs - Introduction to SQL Date and Time Handling

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MySQL FAQs - Introduction to SQL Date and Time Handling