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How to make a realistic stained glass look

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The title really says it all. It‘s a tutorial in how to get a realistic looking stained glass look in gimp.


Create Movie 300 like illustrations in few steps.

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in today's tutorial I'm going to show you how to achieve this Movie 300 effect with pre-made plugins in few steps


Create realistic wall impression painting in 4 steps.

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With this technique we can create pretty realistic old wall impressions or paintings


Easiest way to create realistic water drops in Gimp.

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Check out this tutorial to learn the Easiest way to create realistic water drops with Gimp.


Learn the easiest way to create beveled text in Gimp.

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Either it is poster designing or image editing beveled text style is proven to be a classic and massively trusted way of text styling. So today we're going to learn a very simple and easy method for c


Create minimalistic app icons in 10 steps using Gimp.

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We require icons at many places in our work. Either for an application or any custom script we need different icons to identify them. So today I'm explaining to you a very easy beginner level tutorial


Easiest Way to Create Vector Art with Gimp.

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Even now a days you will not find a easy and beginner level tutorial for creating a perfect vector image from original image. But no more worries, cause ultimately I've found the best and easiest meth


GIMP – Advanced Jigsaw Puzzle Effect

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How to create a fancy jigsaw puzzle effect to images or photos with GIMP.


Advanced Shadow Techniques

  • 760 user views 0 reviews

Create a feeling of realism and discover how to use shadows, along with gradients, borders and colours, effectively. This tutorial is a fully detailed video available for download along with the sourc


Create an energy explosion with gimp

  • 1,192 user views 0 reviews

Learn how you can use some of gimps unique feathers to create an awesome energy explosion.


Kodak and Bump Map

  • 699 user views 0 reviews

Make your picture seem like it's on photo paper and learn a basic use of the bump map feature


Polaroid Effect

  • 2,351 user views 0 reviews

Make your image seem like it's in a polaroid