2011 has arrived with a Great Selection of Free Tutorials

2011 has arrived with a Great Selection of Free Tutorials 1Welcome 2011! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and a great start of the New Year.

Our contributors have been busy and we have received a great variety of new free tutorials which we hope you will find interesting. Here is our selection of the week!

A 3ds Max tutorial on how to Model a USB Memory Stick, a fantastic outcome, really worth looking at and putting into practice.

For all of you out there that are bloggers or wish to have your own website, this tutorial shows you how to Design an Office Desk Layout. Great step by step explanations where you can get some great ideas to design your own.

Love cars? Well this tutorial teaches you how to Design a Luxury Sedan with Photoshop from scratch. Check out the outcome we love it, a very cartoon like effect.

We have also received a video tutorial for beginners, and quite a fun one, this one shows you how to Turn Daniel Graig into a Painting with Photoshop. The outcome is very cool and worth while trying out with some of your favorite photos.

This is another video tutorial which shows you how to Add Visual Effects using 3D Studio Max.

We hope you enjoy this week’s selection of tutorials!

January 13, 2011


One response to “2011 has arrived with a Great Selection of Free Tutorials”

  1. Dugald Archard says:

    Personally I think you blog is slipping. You have moved away from what people want (look at your ‘TOP EXCEL & CHARTING TIPS’ list) and have to less interesting topics (look at your ‘LATEST EXCEL TIPS’ list)…..

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