3ds Max 9 – 3D for Beginners

3ds Max 9 - 3D for Beginners 1Tutorial-Index.com recommended Reading of the Month is “Introducing 3ds Max 9: 3D for Beginners”, a comprehensive starters guide to 3ds Max 9. An especially attractive book for those of you who dislike computer programming books that make the whole experience a drag, this book is easy to understand and simple to follow. It also comes with a CD with great exercises to put your new knowledge to test. Have a sneak preview in amazon.com.

We know that 3ds Max can be daunting for beginners, many of our Tutorial-Index.com followers anticipate the 3ds Max tutorials that we publish on a weekly basis. It is therefore our wish to help you access the best available tools in the market and become an expert with this program. We hope that this book will help you tackle common problems and will provide you with the knowledge needed to pass on to more sophisticated 3D designs.

Introducing 3ds Max 9: 3D for Beginners” is our first recommendation within the new section called “Recommended Reading”, we hope you enjoy it and keep reading us for upcoming recommendations by Tutorial-Index.com.

September 28, 2010


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