5 Top Free Photoshop Tutorials: Step by Step Best Picks of the Week

5 Top Free Photoshop Tutorials: Step by Step Best Picks of the Week 1This week a video tutorial for Photoshop has been submitted, we love video tutorials they are easier to follow. In this case the author has created a step by step tutorial on how to replace a Film Star’s face with your own face. This is with no doubt our top pick of the week, imagine the amount of creativity that will come out of this tutorial…we hope you enjoy it and send us some famous scenes with your face: Marilyn Monroe wearing the famous white dress, Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca or any of the contemporary film scenes that are on their way to becoming all time classics.

Since Christmas is round the corner it would be appropriate to also recommend to you a seasonal Photoshop creation, in this case a step by step tutorial on how to create a Cartoon Snowman Illustration Effect. It seems like a simple drawing but the level is “hard”, put to test your Photoshop skills and get into the holiday spirit.

Other additional tutorials that we have picked as the best of this week are:

Create a Feather Effect on Photoshop, very cool final results that you can use for any sort of abstract images of your choice.

Design your website template with Photoshop using this very easy step by step tutorial.

Create a Fisheye Lens effect on your Photographs with Photoshop, for a more dramatic effect and very contemporary look to your photos.

We hope you enjoy the picks for this week!

December 10, 2010


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