5 Top Free Tutorials of the Week: Fantasy, Realism and Practicality

5 Top Free Tutorials of the Week: Fantasy, Realism and Practicality  1This week due to the great quality of the tutorials we have received it has been quite difficult to determine out top picks, after some debate this is the outcome for this week. We hope you enjoy our selection it is made up of original proposals with great artistic value and imagination.

These are our top picks:

Create a Fantastic Glowing Decorated Time Piece with Photoshop, and how fantastically it is decorated indeed! Check out the intricacies of this design and how no detail has been neglected. The tutorial it extremely well explained and takes you step by step in the outmost detail.

Design a Horse in a Nightime Background using Photoshop, using a photograph of a horse this contributor has created a magnificent image which lies between fantasy and reality. A great outcome and a technique that may be applied to other ideas you may wish to develop.

This tutorial has a different outcome to the rest, it is more practical, but no least detailed and well explained, the realism of this DVD Player Modeled with 3DS Max is incredible.

How to Create Watercolor Effect with Photoshop, in this case the author has played with a photograph of flowers, but you can apply this technique to as many images as you can think of.

This designer has sent us a great tutorial on how to create a Horizontal Photo Gallery with Hover Zoom Effect with Macromedia Flash Actionscript, the effect is great and a very attractive manner in which to display your photographs.

We hope you enjoy our selection! See you next week.

January 20, 2011


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