5 Top Free Tutorials: Photoshop, 3dsMax and Windows7

5 Top Free Tutorials: Photoshop, 3dsMax and Windows7 1Designers are submitting a great amount of very diverse tutorials, and we are more than happy to be able to share with you our selection of the Top 5 for this week. Take note that this is our selection, according to your personal needs you will find different tutorials for different programs and different actions in our website tutorial-index.com.

This week we begin with a very useful effect; how to create a landscape change effect with Photoshop. To fully understand what this means I recommend you check the tutorial and see how this designer has successfully applied this concept to a photograph. The end result is great, I can think of various images on which I could apply this to.

This new comer has sent us a great tutorial on how to create a portfolio website design with photoshop. The explanations are very detailed and the design is simple and functional, any person venturing into their first website design would definitely want to check out this step by step tutorial.

Design a Business Man Mascot with Photoshop, this is a fun tutorial that starts from a hand drawn design. The tutorial takes you through the steps of creating your mascot; in this case a business man dressed to the detail and a big welcoming smile.

We also have a tutorial that starts from zero and creates an image of stacked up number blocks with 3dsMax. It is a good tutorial to practice perspectives, lines and design.

Our last tutorial for the week, last in line because it is not related to design but just as good and very useful, how to fix a system restore that is not working in Windows 7.

Hope you enjoy!

February 3, 2011


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