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Create Your Own Tetris Part 13: Moving Blocks Left and Right

  • 616 user views 0 reviews

We show how to control the falling shapes with the keyboard and test location to keep them on stage.


Your Own Tetris Part 10: Stopping Falling Shapes

  • 373 user views 0 reviews

part 10 of create your own tetris. a hit bar is created to stop shapes from going off stage


Single Line Functions

  • 355 user views 0 reviews

HD Tutorial on Timeline controls, gotoandStop and Single line functions. Live demo. Yes, it is free.


Complete Progression Bar Pre Loader VIDEO tutorial

  • 354 user views 0 reviews

Complete video tutorial with Live SWF demo file


Flash Custom Workspaces - HD VIDEO

  • 360 user views 0 reviews

How to use and create Flash workspaces


VIDEO: Controlling Item Position with the Slider Component

  • 403 user views 0 reviews

Learn how to control and track item position on stage using the slider component.


VIDEO: Load and Play Sounds in Flash Using Radio Buttons

  • 270 user views 0 reviews

We create a laughter machine, from scratch. Complete VIDEO with live SWF demo.


Check Box Component in Flash

  • 463 user views 0 reviews

Complete video tutorial with source code for customization. Live working sample


ActionScript Date and Time Operations - LIVE VIDEO

  • 392 user views 0 reviews

It is easy to add, subtract date and time on ActionScript.


VIDEO: Understanding the YoYo Method with LIVE demonstration

  • 358 user views 0 reviews

Motion Tween Events Motion_Finish and the YoYo Method *** COMPLETE *** Includes Extensively Documented Source Code, Source File fror Download, and LIVE demonstration. ONLY at


Motion Tween Methods, Resume, Stop, and Rewind

  • 688 user views 0 reviews

It is not only possible to create a motion tween from within Actionscript but is also possible to control it. There are several methods, such as play, stop, resume, fast forward, yoyo, next frame, pre


Actionscript 3.0 Fade Tween Part I

  • 371 user views 0 reviews

We prepare the stage for a sunshine completely controlled from actionscript 3.0 No Key frames. The tutorial comes with a LIVE SWF demonstration and SOURCE FILES are available for download. This vi

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