A Selection of the Best Photoshop Free Tutorials

A Selection of the Best Photoshop Free Tutorials 1This week we have done a selection of the best Photoshop Tutorials, we have close to 13,000 Photoshop Tutorials, so to say that this is the Best selection is taking it a bit too far. Let’s just say that this is a selection that we hope you enjoy and that invites you to explore Tutorial-Index.com Photoshop tutorials.

The author of this tutorial has shown us her Simple Tricks to Draw Your Own Cartoons with Photoshop. It is quiet a fun exercise that involves hand drawing and photoshop techniques.  Great for putting into practice your own creative skills.

This simple tutorial is one that I am sure more than one would have liked to know how to do at some point, it shows you step by step how to Add a Water Reflection Effect on an Image using photoshop. This is a simple tutorial which you can further develop and explore the numerous ways you can create this effect on your own photos.

In this case the author of this tutorial has created a Fantasy Setting Surrounding an Image, the outcome is very good and simple to do. This is the type of tutorial where you can let your fantasy go and explore all types of new ideas and designs.

We love this step by step tutorial that explains very clearly how its author has created A Trip to Planet Mars Scenario. Really worth taking a look at and seeing how the tutorial uses various tools and tricks to get to the final effect.

Our final choice is an interesting one because although it is simple it should be done by everyone that wants to have perfect pictures and effects in their photos. This tutorial shows a simple way to Find the Perfect Background Colour for your Picture. It plays around with various options until it comes to the final one, interesting to see the process and very applicable your one’s own work.

We hope you enjoy our selection!

March 24, 2011


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