Advertising is here! + FallPhase Update

Yes, we have finally opened advertising. I know I said it would be available saturday and im am very sorry for that!

Well, anyway; the major thing that is coming to t-i is the FallPhase or the FPhase update. As you can see, we are working more than ever by adding more rich content and features for you viewing pleasure. There’s one problem with this though. Everything we have been doing just hasn’t been coming together in the way we expected. So we are adding many new things to the website fairly soon. And I mean it is HUGE. Larger than any update we’ve made so far, by a long shot.

I could explain it all out, but it might be too much to take in at the moment + I dont want to ruin the suprise. Just stay tuned, and you will see.

-Alfred N

August 31, 2006


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