Building you first 3D game | Here are some things to remember!!

Building 3D games are trendy these days, Playing 3D game is not only for entertainment but also teaches us fantastic character improving lesson in our lives.  3D games need critical strategy making & team work to accomplish the goals which also impact on our personal attributes; modern 3D games also strengthen the unity of a team.

Whether you decide to build 3D games yourself or have it built by someone else, we must bear in mind all the aspects that make it perfect! It can really help with just being more productive and making a better 3D game.

There are few important things we need to know before making a 3D game.


The truth is too many people who at some point decided that they want to build a 3D game. They picked up an engine, started diving in and quit before they ever finished their first 3D game because of the experience just frustrating. If you have heard of lego city you can see pictures of lego city

The first thing you have to be very careful about is the scope of the 3D game. Many people pick up a game engine dreaming of making the type of games they play. Unfortunately, this often just not possible. Your goal with your first 3D game should be to get something built that people could easily play and it’s very trendy.

Don’t  start with the huge project because you even don’t know where to begin and you will get bogged down doing a little bit and pieces that have no tangible result; it will seem like you’re not performing any progress at all and you will stuck and give up, So keep it simple.

In the modern 3D game, a sound effect plays an important role to feel them real; you may overlook the sound when you think about how epic and miserable.  The sound of your 3D game is responsible for providing the environment that makes you feel to be part of the game. You can understand the importance when you try to play the 3D game with sounds off, which will result in losing interest in the game. If you are making horror 3D game, you must need a scary music; if it is related sports the sound must be accordingly to feel them they are part of the game.

It is also vital that you have an idea before start making a 3D game, just going into it without any idea or story and trying making a game out of nothing, it just doesn’t work. So if you find something that inspires you or something like, it can help you to make a better 3D game.  Peoples are desperate to see your best idea come to reality. There are too many ideas in the 3D game industry; it’s all about whether you can execute them well. So you have to be a best idea to knock on a developer’s door and bring your best idea or story in reality.

Take your time and be professional. Don’t rush on anything’s, going as you fast as you can trying to pump out a game so that you can make money or share it or get famous, etc.; it just doesn’t work. You need to take your time on every map; every character makes sure they are exactly how you want them, they fit the theme in the mood, and also they’re up to standards for gaming. If you have character whose skin is all in one color doesn’t have any shading, people will reject straight away.

Don’t give up; lot of life’s going to get in the way.

August 17, 2017


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