Dead tutorials module added

Today we released a new module that removes tutorials from websites that went dead. It works similar to algorithm used by search engines. If within a few month period a website does not show a signs of life or displays generic junk search page its URL is flagged for removal from our database.

How many tutorials show up dead in the first 2 runs since our testing begin? To our surprise – 20%. Are they really dead? Yes. Before the module went live we were testing it for nearly a month. Reliability? 99.9%.

The module idea came after I got frustrated when looking for some Photoshop tutorial just to discover that half of the links that showed up on the search page were dead. As a result we assumed that most users have the same frustration when searching through our index.

So, now you can enjoy better experience with our website that has almost no dead links except those that went out of business for the last month or two.
Any comments?

August 4, 2007


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