FallPhase: The Rundown

Ok, we pretty much have for you whats gonna be in the update so have a look:


Yup, finally that “thing” gets what it deserves, an update! We are adding categories to it, and you will not know who’s actually posting the newsblog. It will also be full CSS, for faster speeds, and possible, a more beautiful design!


A great new technology is finally dawning on tutorial-index. We will use ajax in various places but we will be sure to place it where you need it most. Im pretty sure the menu might be ajax-ized but im not exactly sure. But there is a lot more going on in the works that will depend upon AJAX.

CSS Redesign
Redesigning the site to CSS will most definately speed up the site a little more, but at the same time, will be a better alternative to frames, and definately is more stylish compared to frames. And no, the html will not be redesigned, but the actual design will be altered dramatically. Be ready . Maybe this will put us into a 2.0 Category Eh?

More Pages
1.We plan on adding a tutorial details page for a more detailed summary of a tutorial before you visit it. Commenting will be activated on these pages as well.
2.Author pages will also be administered for your use, with RSS and lots of stats and other goodies, telling you information about websites that submit to tutorial-index. This should be fairly interesting.
3.See Below.

Rating System Refocused
This one actually takes a little reading:
We are creating a fairly complex rating system to add to the design and creativity of tutorial-index, based on something I would rather not say at the moment, to keep it secretive :O. It will attribute to the new toptutorials/authors(3) page in the index. And believe me, this is something to definately keep your eye on. Im excited as well.

This update should be done in a couple of weeks, maybe even 3 but; it is definately worth the anticipation. We are currently receiving a surge in popularity as well as a great increase in the number of tutorials being submitted to tutorial-index. Keep it up. Thanks.

September 6, 2006


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