FPhase: New Newsblog and a New Logo!

Hey guys guess what? Phase 1 of the FallPhase update here at Tutorial-Index is here! We are proud to announce that ti now has a brand new Newsblog as well as a Logo to go along with it. We are very excited about this update and hope you enjoy it as much as we will.

– Our newsblog has a whole new look, now not only will you see the latest Newsblog Additions, but you will be able to see the 5 Latest Comments, and who made those comments. The news will also be sorted by categories from now on. These categories are Tutorial-Index Related, which is basically any topic that relates to ti. WWW, this category will be used for any blog additions that have to do with any other site outside of Tutorial-Index. Our third and last category is Administration, which will contain all the topics that pertain to administration changes around the site.

ti Logo
– As you guys can see, we now have a brand new logo up on the front page of our site, and also on our Newsblog.

– Robert

September 13, 2006


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