FPhase: New Tutorial Display

We promised something new was coming “soon” and it is here now! A new tutorial display has hit the scene here at Tutorial-Index.com. This new tutorial display can be seen all throughout the website while browsing around. Here is a couple of more details about it:

– Our old display was pretty messy and crowded, this new one is way more easy to read and understand what the tutorial really is and its description.

Tutorial Detailed View: Coming Soon!
– Coming very soon to Tutorial-Index will be detailed info of each tutorial. When released, you will be able to click on the “View More Info” icon and you will see a bit more info about that specific tutorial you clicked.

Author Pages: Coming Soon!
– Also coming soon, you will see a page of each tutorial author. Meaning that for example if you were to click on Video-Tutes’ author name it would take you to a page that will display all 152 of their tutorials plus some Statistics and more!

Tutorial Commenting
– That’s right, after all the other features are released, commenting will be made available for any tutorial you wish.

That’s all for now guys, but this is only the beginning of things to come around here, stay tuned with your eyes very open and check back daily for more updates soon!

– Robert

September 21, 2006


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