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visual c# : basic log files (console application)

  • 580 user views 0 reviews

difficulty: 2 / 10 : depending on your knowledge with the c# language.


awesomeness of ajax with gridview

  • 562 user views 0 reviews

hi welcome to this tutorial on ajaxing the gridview.


c# : application launcher (console application)

  • 613 user views 0 reviews

application launcher (console application) difficulty: 2 / 10 assumed knowledge: basic methods and functions of visual basic.


disable an applications close button (the x)

  • 593 user views 0 reviews

in this entry we will look at how to disable the close button (the x in the upper right hand corner of the application) of an application in c#.


interfaces, what are they and why use them?

  • 297 user views 0 reviews

first and foremost, interfaces in c# are a means to get around the lack of multiple inheritance in c#, meaning you cannot inherit from multiple classes but you can implement multiple interfaces. oop t


a look at delegates, events event driven design in c#

  • 439 user views 0 reviews

at one point in our careers we've all been introduced to, or at least heard of, event driven programming, programming where the overall flow of the application is controlled by user generated events.


singleton design pattern in c#

  • 510 user views 0 reviews

design patterns are solutions that are used for software development. there are many patterns that are followed, and most companies/developers follow one or more at a time. they range from abstract fa


using sqldependency to help performance in database applications

  • 357 user views 0 reviews

using the sqldependency class is a good way to make your data driven application (whether it be web or windows forms) more efficient by removing the need to constantly re-query your database checking


working with ini files in c# p/invoke

  • 382 user views 0 reviews

today we're going to look at parsing an ini file with win32 api's. now i'm sure there are thousands of ways to accomplish this task, i just prefer to use p/invoke, it's more straightforward for me and


c# tutorial: reading and writing xml files

  • 297 user views 0 reviews

this tutorial assumes that you already know the basics of xml as i will start directly to coding. to create or manipulate xml files, you must use the classes and methods inside the system.xml namespac


c# tutorial: obtaining windows user details

  • 318 user views 0 reviews

the .net framework provides windowsidentity class that contains methods and properties for detecting the current windows user of the program.


e-mail sender

  • 365 user views 0 reviews

been new to the community, i'm trying to share my knowledge about some cool tricks i've learned in the past.

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