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c# begginer tutorial -easy to learn

  • 301 user views 0 reviews

this is a tutorial i made myself, i hope you like it. it can teach you the basics of visual c# programming.


20 c# video tutorials

  • 332 user views 0 reviews

originally posted on my website free software, programs, tutorials, and internet tools.


compiling' data to a runner.

  • 364 user views 0 reviews

i'd call this an intermediate tutorial, you'll need a fairly decent understanding of basic c# structure, io, and console input/output.


visual c# basics tutorial

  • 292 user views 0 reviews

this tutorial will teach you the basics of visual c# programming. i tried to make it not-boring and as complete as i could.


kiss task bar icon

  • 324 user views 0 reviews

i've looked over & over and have been having a hard time finding simple tutorials for task bars.


Adding Page Title, Meta Tags dynamically in ASP.NET 3.5 C#

  • 506 user views 0 reviews

For Search Engine Optimization you have to add the page title and the meta tags in the all the pages. If it is a static page you can just add in the head section of the page. But in a dynamic


IE 6 upgrade warning in your pages using C#

  • 633 user views 0 reviews

IF IE6 does not deliver your pages as designed. you can force a small warning box to IE6 users to update their browsers. The demo shown here is for one aspx page, you can include this in your master p


resizing controls with form: anchor property

  • 334 user views 0 reviews

welcome! this short tutorial will show you how to re-size controls, when you are re-sizing your form. for example, after clicking maximize button, a form will get much bigger. if buttons and controls


reading and writing files using file methods

  • 385 user views 0 reviews

hello members! this tutorial is a bit nostalgic to me. here is one of the few reasons why i am into .net programming so much, instead of java or c++ for example.


reading and writing files using filestream class

  • 303 user views 0 reviews

welcome members! this tutorial will show you how to read files into memory, and afterwards write them back to disk.


tutorial: playing video files with managed directx

  • 397 user views 0 reviews

welcome all! i wrote earlier a tutorial about playing audio files using mcisendstring method. while it is a reasonable solution, i really prefer to use managed directx. it gives much more control over


tutorial: playing mp3 files with c#

  • 358 user views 0 reviews

hello to everyone! this tutorial will explain how to play mp3 files as songs, without any external assemblies or sdks. i dedicate this tutorial to thomas morgan, a new but not unwelcomed member of our

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