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Nested Animation

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Create a animated tyre in Flash


Spinning globe in Actionscript 3

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create a 2D spinning globe effect in Actionscript 3.


Pendulum swing effect in Actionscript 3

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Pendulum swing effect in Actionscript 3.


Difference between IF and FOR to make Fireworks in Flash.

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You must have seen Fireworks in Flash on many blogs/sites, but today I'm going to tell you how to make Fireworks in Flash using If and then For loop


Flash Animation Basics

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In this Tutorial you'll learn how to create Simple Animations in Flash. In Flash, animation can be done in four basic ways, Motion Tween, Shape Tween, Frame-by-frame Animation and Guided Motion Tween


Flash Christmas Card

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Create very easily a flash Christmas Card that you can open or close like a real one.


Vertical Flip Effect Animation

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In this AS3 tutorial, we are going to animate a "Welcome" text with a vertical flip effect.


Flash Tutorial - Flash Animation, Video Tutorials

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Flash is a 2D animation software used widely for multimedia applications. Flash animations or movies are very much compatible to all known browsers and operating systems. Flash is based on vector grap


How to make a Christmas 3D flash photo gallery

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It's the perfect day for a Christmas parade, I have got lots of excellent photos, One of the best way to share the joy with others is to make a photo gallery to show these Christmas photos. I picked u


How to Create Cool Halloween Slideshow

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Leaves start to fall, the air becomes crisp and cool; Halloween is right around the corner,I love this scene of year! If you are looking for something cool to do on Halloween, there are many Halloween


How to Create a Preloader Using Flash and ActionScript 3.0

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In this tutorial we are going to explain to you in details how a preloader is first designed in flash authoring tool and then use ActionScript 3.0 to animate and make the preloader fulfill its duty.


How to Make a Flash Banner for Webpage

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In this flash banner tutorial, you will see how to make flash banner for webpage step by step. It is very easy to make it and you don't have to use Action Script or any other Adobe Flash Skills. Just