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How to Learn C# Part 1 - Introduction to C# .NET

  • 673 user views 0 reviews

In this introduction to C# I explain how to get set up and start writing code in C#


How to Learn C# Part 2 - .NET Namespaces

  • 676 user views 0 reviews

In part 2 of my series we go over namespaces and what they mean for .NET programming


How to Learn C# Part 3 - Coding Basics

  • 729 user views 0 reviews

In this tutorial we‘ll go over some C# coding basics so you can get started


How to Learn C# Part 4 - Variables and Types

  • 656 user views 0 reviews

In this tutorial we‘ll cover variables in types in C# and how they work.


How to Learn C# Part 5 - Selection Statements

  • 800 user views 0 reviews

A detailed look at selection statements in C# and how they control program flow


using .net framework, to generate md5 hashes

  • 626 user views 0 reviews

hey guys, another tutorial, in the name of easily being able to do something useful...


reading ini files in managed code

  • 670 user views 0 reviews

i read a tutorial here the other day, ini support with p/invokes. very cool! i thought i would post a method i've used in the past, which is 100% managed, which can be really useful, especially if you


storing secrets (like passwords)

  • 640 user views 0 reviews

hey guys, i thought i would share a little snippet of code that i use the occasional time i need to store passwords or things like that. this is a class that i call secretutility. what it does is gene


visual c# : basic log files (console application)

  • 579 user views 0 reviews

difficulty: 2 / 10 : depending on your knowledge with the c# language.


awesomeness of ajax with gridview

  • 562 user views 0 reviews

hi welcome to this tutorial on ajaxing the gridview.


c# : application launcher (console application)

  • 613 user views 0 reviews

application launcher (console application) difficulty: 2 / 10 assumed knowledge: basic methods and functions of visual basic.


disable an applications close button (the x)

  • 592 user views 0 reviews

in this entry we will look at how to disable the close button (the x in the upper right hand corner of the application) of an application in c#.

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