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a new simply way to make a image slider- javascript code

  • 342 user views 0 reviews

i found that is difficult to search a simple javascript code about scrolling image slide. you can find them on internet but they often are long and complex or hidden from us to prevent edit.


disable activex control with javascript

  • 357 user views 0 reviews

when you write an applet and the "click here to activate and use this control" dialog pups up in ie... well that is the most annoying thing ever.


javascript: prime or not

  • 352 user views 0 reviews

this script is a slightly modified version of "unique random numbers". in this script it becomes easier to implement more than one instances of "picking unique random numbers".


creating ajax applications.

  • 320 user views 0 reviews

zk allows you to create your ajax applications using xul and xhtml components and manipulate them by listening to events triggered by visitors to your site.


javascript: navigate from a drop down menu

  • 303 user views 0 reviews

here i will show you how to go to different websites from a drop down menu.


javascript: hide link from statusbar

  • 386 user views 0 reviews

when you go over a link usually the url is displayed on the status bar, this trick will hide the url from the status bar and show nothing!


javascript: opening 2 (or more) links with 1 click

  • 205 user views 0 reviews

here i will show you how to open one, two, three, four etc... links with one click!


javascript: opening 2 links with 1 click

  • 306 user views 0 reviews

well here i will show you how to open 2 links with just one click.


javascript: analog clock

  • 465 user views 0 reviews

this is the code for an analog clock once i found! but yesterday i saw it on littlefranciscan website.


cool lcd clock

  • 423 user views 0 reviews

beautiful lcd clock applet that accepts 3 parameters: background color,format and blinking enable.


javascript:code snow

  • 351 user views 0 reviews

its not mine so dont give me credit, but i just found it and put it on one of my sites so i figured i would share it.


javascript:tutorial, break out of loops

  • 356 user views 0 reviews

to understand this tutorial make sure that before you see this tutorial javascript :tutorial, loops and javascript :tutorial, your first game! here we will elaborate a little more on these!

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