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learning pygame(simple 2d), part 2 initializing the board and showing it

  • 665 user views 0 reviews

what we have now is the simplest of the simple(almost) of pygame programs.


learning pygame(simple 2d), part 1

  • 407 user views 0 reviews

to start out with, pygame is a simple 2d game library for python.


Learn to personalize your Vim editor with Vim 7.2

  • 429 user views 0 reviews

Vim users will learn about how basic modifications of font and color scheme can give their editor a personalized look. Readers will be able add their own menu to the menu bar as well as add icons that


How To: Detect an iPad using PHP

  • 411 user views 0 reviews

Learn how to detect an iPad visitor on your website using PHP


printing text in python - part 2

  • 421 user views 0 reviews

this tutorial will build on what you learned in printing text in python - part 1. for this tutorial i am using python 2.6.4. you can get python here. for instructions on opening up the python idle, pl


printing text in python

  • 278 user views 0 reviews

this is a simple tutorial going over the most basic way of printing text in python. for this tutorial i am using python 2.6.4. you can get python here.


learning python part 5 (modules)

  • 360 user views 0 reviews

modules are a fantastic and easy tool to start using. they speed up the coding progress considerably if you're able to find the right modules. an example of this is a module i've been using alot recen


learning python part 4 (a look at functions)

  • 314 user views 0 reviews

let's start of with a simple function


learning python part 3 (lists, dictionaries and tuples)

  • 298 user views 0 reviews

in this tutorial i will try my best to go over lists, dictionaries and tuple. all of these are really powerful and shouldn't be looked over as they provide really useful tools that will speed up the c


learning python part 2 (syntax and variables)

  • 321 user views 0 reviews

in this chapter i will go over common syntax and the different variable types.


learning python part 1 (getting started and first program)

  • 258 user views 0 reviews

part 1 getting started and first program


learning python part 0 (prelude)

  • 321 user views 0 reviews

this is part 0 or prelude of a series of python tutorials i've been planning to write. these tutorials won't have any special learning order, rather they will cover random parts of python. so you may

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