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how to capture screen with delphi code

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in this tutorial we will talk about how to capture the screen content. i used the technique i will explain here in my freeware image captor. you can see how this technique implemented in real applicat


factory design pattern with delphi (image viewer demo project)

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this time we will discuss about factory method pattern and its implementation with delphi.


mouse hook tutorial, with delphi codes

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this tutorial is the first of a series, or at least that is what i plan to , of tutorials about windows hooking. windows hook is a term defining the process intalling application defined hook procedur


using special folders to comply with uac enabled windows, with delphi code

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with windows is getting stricter and stricter on its security making life a bit harder for software developers. for example, it used to be no problem at all to alter files in root folder of c: or file


What is and how to use recursion

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What is and how to use recursion


First Delphi .NET Tutorial - Hello World

  • 662 user views 0 reviews

First Delphi .NET Tutorial - Hello World

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