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How to Create A Drupal Views (Grid Style)

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After creating a content type with CCK and fill the content, the next task is to display contents with Views. The steps in building the views initially seems complicated and requires a long journey. B


Views Charts : Exploit your Drupal Site Content Data using Graph

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To make charts in our drupal sites is not difficult as I imagined before. Simply knowing how to create new content types and views.


Webform : Drupal Form to Get Feedback from Visitor

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You can create forms on your website to get feedback from your site visitors or just to receive online purchase orders. Next, the feedback or the order information will be received in our email. One o


DDBlock Advance Slideshow Tutorial : An Alternative Guide

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DDBlock is a slideshow that allows title and preview text displayed along with pictures.The final result of the tutorial will look like the picture above.In practice this tutorial, I use garland them


Show Drupal blocks only on specific pages with PHP code

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Drupal blocks are the basic building elements of any Drupal page. Blocks are placed in block regions and they serve different purposes from showing a list of elements even to show a picture or a video


Top X Contributors Drupal module to show top bloggers or any top

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Recently for a project we were developing, we had a need to show top X bloggers may be top 5 or top 10 bloggers in a block and after some Googling and searching the (d.o) site I could not f


Drupal 6: Attachment Views, Page Views, and Theming

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This article by J.Ayen Green, author of Drupal 6 Attachment Views, gives us an introduction to Attachment Views in Drupal. Here's what we'll do in this article: * Learn what an Attachmen


Drupal 6 Performance Optimization Using Throttle and Devel Modul

  • 622 user views 0 reviews

Here, we learn the following performance tips: Use the Throttle module to throttle our blocks and modules and use the Devel module to generate test content, users, and categories.


Control book outline form and menu for specified Drupal node typ

  • 817 user views 0 reviews

Drupal has a good potential to be used as a blog, forum (some what), wiki or any other dedicated web application or combination of two or more services. Drupal as a wiki, out of the box is a little we


Taming Drupal Node Teaser and Node Title 2 (for custom content)

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In continuation to my previous post about "Taming Drupal Node Title and Teaser" this is part 2 of the Drupal node title and teaser taming tweak by editing node-type.tpl.php.(type is your content type


Taming Drupal Node Teaser and Node Title

  • 732 user views 0 reviews

You might be wondering what is the use of this article / tutorial when Drupal system of handling title and teasers is so good and there are modules like node teaser to customize the teaser as per your


Dates and Calendars Module in Drupal 5

  • 514 user views 0 reviews

Dates and Calendars is an article extracted from Marjorie Roswells's new book titled, 'Drupal 5 Views Recipes' by Packt Publishing. In this tutorial, users will learn how to create a wide variety of v

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