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Tips and Tricks for Working with jQuery and WordPress

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In this article by Tessa Blakeley Silver, author of


Code Formatting and Coloring in WordPress without a Plugin

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There are different methods and plugins you can implement to display code on your WordPress blog. After much testing and frustration, I've come across the best code formatting method that does not req


Add Article Thumbnails to WordPress with Rotating CSS

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This tutorial goes through adding a thumbnail image to your posts in wordpress, but also how to implement CSS to your code to rotate where the image shows up. This is a great way to make your site loo


Why Your WordPress Theme Is Not Showing Up!

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This tutorial deals with a common problem of WordPress displaying only text with no theme or images. The solution to this problem is documented within the tutorial.


When WordPress Displays A Blank Page

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This tutorial address the WordPress "Blank Page" problem and how to fix it!


Wordpress as CMS tutorial

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Wordpress is one of the best blogging platforms out there ? if not the best. It's very powerful, can be easily extended and modified. It's documentation is very well written and, so far, had answer to


From to WordPress: How to automatically post daily l

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Like most A-list bloggers, I like using this little trick to ensure I get get more daily posts on my blog. Instead of simply posting every cool link I find onto my blog (which would result in a ton of