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Drupal 6 Performance Optimization Using DB Maintenance and Boost

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In this article we're going to install, configure, and utilize the DB Maintenance and Boost modules. Both of these contributed modules for Drupal 6 will help you diagnose problems on your site and ser


Example of How to Upgrade Drupal

  • 694 user views 0 reviews

Sooner or later you will need to upgrade Drupal. This tutorial will walk you through an upgrade example.


Drupal module tutorial - spam protection module

  • 852 user views 0 reviews

Download the Mollom module from the project page or from Be sure to pick a version of the Mollom client that matches your version of Drupal. The module package should be placed with the re


How to Clear Drupal Cache

  • 2,425 user views 0 reviews

Drupal server-side cache improves performance. But when you are making customizations to the site, you sometimes need to clear this cache in order to see your update reflected. This tutorial shows y


How To: Manage Drupal Permissions More Easily

  • 904 user views 0 reviews

One of the most time-consuming tasks for any new Drupal site is setting up and testing what users can and can't do. This is the realm of user permissions and role permissions. I'm guessing you've visi


How To: Drupal Workflows & Automation

  • 1,176 user views 0 reviews

The definition of a workflow, according to Wikipedia, is a "depiction of a sequence of operations". When taken at face value, a workflow is typically something you want to automate in Drupal. In other

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