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get element by id

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get element by id is used to get the value from a control I.E. a textfield. So that we can use the obtained value for further processing ie. to store the values in a database. This tutorial explains g


jQuery forms: Best plugins and tutorials for developers

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On this article our attention focuses on forms, an essential part of any website and how jQuery can be truly resourceful for improving them both in terms of functionality and aesthetic; throughout thi


How To Submit a Form Using JavaScript

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A tutorial which teaches you how to submit an HTML form using JavaScript automatically.


How to Change a Button Text using JavaScript

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Learn how to change the text on a submit button using JavaScript


How to Get Submit Button Text with JavaScript

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This tutorial teaches you how to fetch the text of a form submit button using JavaScript


Vintage typewriter: The sexiest jQuery contact form ever

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A fancy typewriter contact form powered with jQuery, CSS and PHP along with a nice vector illustration


Jquery switching between login and signup forms

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Making jQuery switch or toggle between login and signup forms in a smoother way without page refresh.


JavaScript tutorial validate form: Textboxe,select , check, emai

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In this video I will show you how to validate forms using Java Script. I will teach you to validate different form components such as: Text box - check if it is empty. Checkbox - if it is checked. Opt


3 level Dynamic Drop Down List using java script

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Here is the snippet for 3 level dynamic drop down list using java script. It has category, sub-category1 and sub-category2.


Dynamic Drop Down List

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Dynamic dependent drop down list box can be created using Java Script. In most of the HTML FORMS you need to have to list boxes.