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Sage: Tips and Tricks

  • 689 user views 0 reviews

Results matter, whether you are a mathematician, scientist, or engineer. The time that you spend doing tedious mathematical calculations could be spent in more productive ways. Sage is an open-source


Python: Using doctest for Documentation

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Python provides the useful ability to embed comments inside functions that are accessible from a Python shell. These are known as docstrings. A docstring provides the ability to embed not only informa


Testing in Python using doctest

  • 556 user views 0 reviews

Testing has always been a part of software development. Testing includes many different styles including unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing, smoke testing, load testing, and countle


Python Multimedia: Enhancing Images

  • 640 user views 0 reviews

Python is a high-level, object-oriented language with a comprehensive standard library. Typically, one can develop complex applications in Python very quickly compared to some other languages. Multime


Training Binary Text Classifiers

  • 508 user views 0 reviews

Use python nltk and nltk-trainer to train binary text classifiers


Animating Graphic Objects using Python

  • 678 user views 0 reviews

The previous article, Python Graphics: Animation Principles, starts with examples of simple sequences of a circle in different positions and systematically progresses to smoothly-moving animations of


Python Text Processing with NLTK: Storing Frequency Distribution

  • 638 user views 0 reviews

In this article, we will cover: 1.Storing a frequency distribution in Redis 2.Storing a conditional frequency distribution in Redis 3.Storing an ordered dictionary in Redis 4.Distributed word scoring


Using Execnet for Parallel and Distributed Processing with NLTK

  • 524 user views 0 reviews

Natural Language Processing is used everywhere?in search engines, spell checkers, mobile phones, computer games, and even in your washing machine. Python's Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) suite of lib


Learn the basics of Unit Testing Django applications

  • 602 user views 0 reviews

This chapter covers the basics of unit testing Django applications. It provides some of the additional features available with tests, in particular, features related to loading test data. This chapter


Documenting Your Project in Python

  • 672 user views 0 reviews

The tutorial provides a few tips to start documenting your project through the seven rules of technical writing that summarize the best practices, and a reStructuredText primer, which is plain text ma

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