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Change case

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Change case


Insert a picture

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Insert a picture


Advanced fill options

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Advanced fill options


Advanced line style options

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Advanced line style options


Advanced line color options

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Advanced line color options


Learn how to reuse slides in Powerpoint 2007

  • 577 user views 0 reviews

We often work with different PowerPoint files and each one has a different theme or Template. There may be times when we would want to use a particular slide or background of one Presentation in anoth


How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Presentations

  • 578 user views 0 reviews

Many people like to save PowerPoint files to PDF format for share. Information contained in PDF files can be useful when creating presentations using Microsoft's PowerPoint. Follow a few simple steps,


How to import a PowerPoint presentation into Windows Movie Maker

  • 740 user views 0 reviews

2 ways to make a video from PowerPoint slides using Windows Movie Maker, import PowerPoint presentation to WMM.


Upload PowerPoint Presentation to YouTube

  • 516 user views 0 reviews

When you made a admirable PowerPoint presentation, and would like to upload it to YouTube to share with others. YouTube accepts video files from most digital cameras, camcorders, and cell phones in th

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