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How to Change IP Address in Windows Vista

  • 702 user views 0 reviews

IP stands for Internet Protocol Address which is your computer's identification and permits you to join and identify other computers with their IP addresses. Sometimes the IP address needs to be chan


How to get Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista

  • 549 user views 0 reviews

The easy to use and easy to manage Yahoo messenger is the perfect addition to your Windows Vista set up. The Vista database can make installing new programs, extremely tricky at times, but installing


How to Disable the Windows Vista Sidebar

  • 557 user views 0 reviews

Sure its appealing the first couple of times you use vista it looks pretty cool but at the end of the day most of us agree it's pretty much useless. Here you can see how easy it is to disable it in le


How to make Windows Vista appear like XP

  • 524 user views 0 reviews

A lot of XP users are unable to handle or get used to the new look of Vista ,with its flashy appearance and heavy load on your PC, it doesn't come up to par with the standards with which it was relea


How to use the User switching option with Windows Vista

  • 508 user views 0 reviews

Everyone wants a little privacy! With Windows Vista you now have the option of making separate accounts for each individual in the family. with the use of this feature you are able to make and use a a


Windows Vista Ultimate

  • 661 user views 0 reviews

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition is basically combination off all features of Home Premium, Enterprise and Business editions of Windows Vista. Windows vista Ultimate edition has its own new features too


How to Protect Your Computer from Viruses and Trojans

  • 552 user views 0 reviews

If you have the slightest doubt that your computer has been infected it is vital for you to take all obligatory steps to get rid of the infections in order to save your system from crashing


How to rearrange favorites in Windows Vista

  • 630 user views 0 reviews

When you open internet explorer with vista your favorites are located on the left side of the toolbar in the window. They are represented by a yellow star. This is also known as your Favorites Center.


How to stop your taskbar from freezing in Windows Vista

  • 582 user views 0 reviews

If your taskbar keeps getting stuck and you're completely helpless here is what you can do.


How to Change Settings of Auto run in Vista

  • 529 user views 0 reviews

The auto run settings in Windows Vista manage what happens every time your pc interacts with any removable source such as CDs, DVDs, or USBs. Windows has automatic settings that determine whether to r


How to decide which version of Windows Vista is best for you?

  • 476 user views 0 reviews

If you are having trouble figuring out which version of Windows vista will suit your needs best, here are a few hot tips for you to get to know!


How to work with Ready Drive on Windows Vista

  • 744 user views 0 reviews

Windows Vista offers many new built in applications that help improve the performance of your computer such as Ready Boost which permits you to use flash memory, whereas Ready Drive gives consumers th

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