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Hot keys for more comfortable work with Windows 7

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Present you useful combinations of hot keys for more comfortable and quicker work in Windows 7.


Getting the Right Output in PowerShell

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to get the exact output you are looking for in PowerShell.


how to determine windows operating system version information using visual c++

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there are number of different windows operating systems available windows xp, windows vista, windows 7. as a developer, we are always interested to know what operating system, our application is going


how to detect windows 64bit, with delphi code

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as 64 bit processors is getting more and more popular, 64 bit operating system is also becoming more popular. well, you need 64 bit operating systems to get full advantage of the sophisticated 64bit p


[win7] user account control

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a really big complaint with windows vista, is those **** annoying windows that come up when you want to do something. do you really want to open that folder? are you sure you want to change that setti


[win7] problem steps recorder

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if you've ever needed to help someone with a problem (hey, sounds like what codecall is about!) you will know how difficult it is to try and communicate with that person about their problem and give t


Computer Management through Administrative Tools in Windows 7

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This column will tell you very briefly regarding the use of Administrative Tools regarding Computer Management. For your kind information, the Administrative Tools are helpful to monitor the events of


faster firefox

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first of all, this is my first tutorial (or how you want to call it ), so if there is anything you think that i can do better in my next tutorials or change something in this one please let me know!


manually removing pc viruses

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have you ever been in the possition that you know you have an virus but you dont have any antivirus?? its almost impossible to remove it manual without knowing about a few tips & tricks.


removing items from startup

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sick of those annoying items that run on the startup? follow these simple steps and you wont have a problem with them.


general: tutorial, keep your pc secure for free!

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today security is a serious issue! and many companies are making tools for security like anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc.. but not everyone wants to spend money on these tools! so i made this tutorial h