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Speed Up Slow Browsing with DNS Settings.

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Use your DNS settings to speed up web browsing. Public DNS servers offer high speeds and faster website loading. Learn how to configure your browser to use these servers.


Speed Up Google Chrome

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If Google Chrome is running slow, learn how to tweak the browser‘s settings to give you faster web surfing speeds.


How to Clear URL History

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Completely clear url history with a few easy clicks. This article provides all the information you need to fully clear your url history files.


Speed Up Slow Browsing with DNS Settings

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You can speed up your internet browsing by altering which DNS servers your computer uses. Follow these easy instructions to speed up surfing times.


How to do a complete Internet explorer optimization?

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Internet explorer (IE) is one of the most popular browser on the internet.One of the reasons why users switch to other browsers is because IE tends to slow down after sometime.Learn these simple step