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Troubles with memory leak and OOM-killer

  • 642 user views 0 reviews

Sometimes you can find that services on your server are shut down without any error or warning message. Lets try resolve it.


10 tips on find command in Unix Linux

  • 505 user views 0 reviews

In this find command on unix tutori I have listed down some of the way I use find command regularly, I hope this would help some one who is new in UNIX and find command or any developer who has starte


How to use find command in Unix and Linux ?

  • 515 user views 0 reviews

This tutorial explains how to use find command in unix and linux by using practical examples from authors experience. In Authors own word "


ubuntu 10.04/10 : move window controls back to where they belong

  • 470 user views 0 reviews

if there's one thing that really pissed me off with the new ubuntu, it was the window controls that moved to the mac side of the window panel. extremely annoying. however, changing it is as easy as cl


How To: Convert Movies Into Images or Animated GIF Using Ubuntu

  • 475 user views 0 reviews

In this how to you will learn how you can extract all the frames of a movie (avi, mp4 and basically any format). It will take sometime to extract, but if you really want to do this, it's easy as pie.


How To: Create, Burn or Convert ISO Image using Gburner

  • 580 user views 0 reviews

Gburner not only allows the users to burn files onto a writable CD/DVD, it also allows to make an ISO image of a particular disk inserted in your drive and then burning that ISO image onto a writable


complete guide to setup a linux server - part 1

  • 505 user views 0 reviews

if you don't have ubuntu server then you should download it. i downloaded ubuntu 10.10 64 bit. you need to know if your processor is 32 or 64 bit before decided which to download.


Tar Files Older Than x Days on Linux

  • 944 user views 0 reviews

Using the find utility on Linux allows you to find files that are xx days old and then execute a command on those found files. We will use this to find files older than 30 days and zip them into a ta


OpenSSH Shortcut: Escaping a Session Without Disconnecting

  • 505 user views 0 reviews

When you have an active SSH session and need to run some local commands, you can escape the session without disconnecting, and then return to it. Juliet Kemp shows us how.


how to create your own linux distro???

  • 578 user views 0 reviews

i have an old computer system having 128mb ddr1 ram, via pm266a board with intel celeron 2.53ghz processor....mine is savage s3 graphics...i dont actually know the memory.....well it is only able to r


how to install compaq w200 on ubuntu

  • 497 user views 0 reviews

hi guis. this is my first tutorial and i hope it will be useful for ubuntu beginners users.


controlling print jobs in unix with postscript

  • 496 user views 0 reviews

postscript is the programming language used to control the majority of printers for personal computers. it gives you more control over how a text file will appear when printed, including the typeface,

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