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Video Editor Transitions

  • 685 user views 0 reviews

Learn how to create transitions for your videos with the Blender video editor.


An Organic Volume Ring in Blender

  • 733 user views 0 reviews

Create a fluid-like moving volumetric ring in Blender using lots and lots of particles!


Volumetric Rendering of Particles in Blender

  • 716 user views 0 reviews

Using a point density texture you can render particles as volumes in Blender. Also learn what effects a moving force field can have.


Shining Text Effect

  • 619 user views 0 reviews

Learn how to make your text shine using the compositing nodes in Blender 3D.


Introduction to Blender 2.5: Color Grading

  • 573 user views 0 reviews

In this article by Reynante Martinez we'll tackle a topic that is commonly misunderstood and often overlooked inside of Blender. But before we begin, I'd like to make a few remarks. First, I do not cl


Blender 2.5: Creating a UV Texture

  • 779 user views 0 reviews

Many times, objects contain numerous attributes that define how they look, and they're not always perfectly uniform in relation to the object. For example, a used paint can would have paint dripping d


Lighting an Outdoor Scene in Blender

  • 983 user views 0 reviews

Lighting techniques are highly dependent on the location of the scene at hand. The approaches to lighting an outdoor scene are radically different from the techniques used to light an indoor scene. Kn


Make some Sparkling Magical Dust in Blender

  • 933 user views 0 reviews

Want to learn how to make a really cool retro-circle sparkling magical dust effect using Blender's partial system? You can in my first ever video tutorial! Sorry if my voice is bad. Nothing I'm proud


Make an Exploding Star Deep in Space with Blender!

  • 1,746 user views 0 reviews

Wanna make an awesome star explosion scene, complete with almost every star in the galaxy in the background? It's a lot easier then you thought it would be. In fact, this tutorial only has 2 steps!


Game Engine: Ammo

  • 994 user views 0 reviews

Learn how to limit the amount of ammo you have in the Blender Game Engine.


Mouse Look

  • 1,298 user views 0 reviews

Mouse Look in the Blender game engine. 1st person viewpoint. Use the mouse to look up, down, left and right.


Game Engine: Track To

  • 614 user views 0 reviews

Learn how to make a camera follow your every movement with Track To in Blender's Game Engine.

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