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Clean a Laptop Screen - How Can I Clean a Laptop Screen

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Laptops are the devices which are popularly being used by the people and thus it must be made sure that the screen that the laptop contains is cleaned on regular basis. The laptop screen contains much


Q-Dir Multi-Pane File Manager

  • 724 user views 0 reviews

Q Dir pane is software which divides the screen into the four different parts and in each part the different program is running. By doing this; the users which using the Q dir will work more efficient


Increase the size of Taskbar Preview Thumbnails in Windows 7

  • 471 user views 0 reviews

Taskbar preview thumbnail is an excellent and remarkable feature in windows 7. It is an outstanding tool that is adopted by large number of users. But some of the users are facing the problem that the


Consolidate the windows 7 taskbar with jumplist launcher

  • 544 user views 0 reviews

As we know that Windows 7 develops the new Taskbar that is new feature of it. But the problem is that sometimes you open many applications but there is low space to view these applications. So, to avo


Change a File Type Icon in Windows 7

  • 481 user views 0 reviews

For the users of windows 7, they have to go through a registry hacking process that is going to change and modify their file type icon according to their own requirements.


Completely disable the system tray on windows 7/Vista/XP

  • 508 user views 0 reviews

Suppose you are a user who never used the applications in the system tray and you want this registry hack completely off. Here is the method to completely disable the system tray on the windows 7 and


Disable or Modify thew Delay time for Aero Peek in Windows 7

  • 560 user views 0 reviews

Is you are worried about the "Delay Time" and searching for a solution to this problem. Than you are at right place. You can even disable the feature using Aero Peak.


Complete guide to network in windows 7 with XP and Vista

  • 569 user views 0 reviews

Now a day there are only three versions of Windows, and have probability to share data between them. Here is the procedure to share files and printers with each other. Just clicking a button is a eas


Close all your open applications in a snap

  • 636 user views 0 reviews

As the work concern on your system there are many applications and programs that are open. It is going to irritate to close each application and documents when you have one day to done the work. So, t


Open IE’s Private Browsing Mode the Easy Way

  • 473 user views 0 reviews

The private mode of internet explorer is a very easy way of hiding things from other people eyes. This has made the live of people easy in a sense that people doing something can hide it at anytime. A


How to Upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium Editions

  • 562 user views 0 reviews

Vista is not the latest operating in market so after some times users may have to upgrade it. It is better to upgrade the vista into the window 7 home premium edition now. Window 7 have 6 different ed


How to Save Searches in Windows 7

  • 491 user views 0 reviews

Many times people do searches do seek help or to perform the task efficiently but those searches are not save on the any place of the computer and after some interval they did those again and waste th

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