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The Complete Guide To Microsoft’s Office 2010

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The web has been abuzz the past few weeks with chatter about Microsoft's announcement today at its Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans about the new version of Microsoft Office 2010...


Office 2010 - Introduction

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It's a challenge anyone in the movie industry can probably relate to: How do you follow-up an absolute, no-holds-barred, smash? And that issue, too, is most likely the impetus behind Microsoft's surpr


Introduction to Microsoft Office 2010 - Technical Preview

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Microsoft® Office 2010 gives you rich and powerful new ways to deliver your best work - whether you're at work, home, or school - on a computer, Web browser, or Smartphone. Grab your audience's atten


Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering - Microsoft Office Backstage

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Within the first few hours or so of using the Office 2010 Technical Preview, it's pretty likely that you'll eventually need to "Save As" or "Print" or do something else with your file. When you final


Office 2010 – Minimize the Ribbon Option

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This isn't a new feature, for Office 2007 has smart ribbon minimization, as we've mentioned before in Make the Office 2007 ribbon go away


Office 2010 Technical Preview screenshots - installation and more

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Office 2010 Technical Preview screenshots - installation and more - all office 2010 product are presented.


microsoft office shortcuts

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ctrl b, ctrl i, or ctrl u apply bold, italics, or underline to highlighted text, respectively. ctrl p prints whatever is in an active window. ctrl backspace erases an entire word at a time, instead of