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How create a shortcut to close all running applications

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Many Windows users sometimes need to close as quickly as possible all running applications, for instance, to run resource-intensive game. In this case, you can create a shortcut on your desktop that w


How to create a shortcut to restart Windows Explorer

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Many people often use "fast reboot", i.e., restart Windows Explorer. How to do it quickly, without unnecessary clicks and without having to reboot?


How to create Quick Launch toolbar

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For quick launching programs you don‘t have to use third-party software - you can create the appropriate toolbar directly on the taskbar. How to do is explained in this simple instruction.


Create shortcuts to shutdown and reboot

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For more convenient shutdown and reboot of your computer, you can use shortcuts placed, for example, on the taskbar. More on how to create them is explained later in this article.


Optimizing Windows 7

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As you may know, Windows 7 has received significant improvements in boot times and system response compared to its predecessor Windows Vista. These changes allowed the system not to use all system mem


GodMode or access to all Windows settings from one folder

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GodMode (God mode) is a term known to any gamer, the same name got a trick that allowed to easily get access to almost all configurable settings in Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8.


Faster shutdown of operating system Windows 7

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This short article describes how you can reduce the time it takes to shutdown the Windows 7 operating system, due to the change in the system delay time before the computer shuts down.


Optimization Windows 7 for quick work and load

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This article contains few advices which can make your operation system Windows 7 faster.


How to restore the missing language bar

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Many Windows 7 users are faced with an unpleasant glitch that causes the disappearance of the language bar from the taskbar, and the standard tools of the system fail to restore the layout indicator.


Speed Up Windows 7

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How to speed up Window 7 with just a few simple tweaks.


How to make Files and Folders Read Only in Windows 7

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Folders in Windows 7 cannot be made read only. Even if you make them read only by changing their properties, only the files within that folder will be changed to read only and not the folder itself. T


Base score in Windows 7

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This column will help you to be intimate with Windows Rating in Windows 7. It is nothing but the rating process of the hardware. The rating goes through several activities such as, the scaling of CPU,

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