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Windows 7: top 3 OS dilemmas and how to fix them!

  • 477 user views 0 reviews

A Windows PC can make your life easier but nothing can save you from the problems of a Windows OS.


Closing the frozen applications

  • 550 user views 0 reviews

No system is perfect. Even in the brand new Windows 7, sometimes applications get frozen. It is sad, but we‘re going to deal with this problem!


Creating and applying System Restore point in Windows 7

  • 502 user views 0 reviews

As the experience of talking to users of Windows 7 showed, not everyone knows how to create and apply system restore point, present instruction is written for those people.


Windows 7 Password Reset

  • 642 user views 0 reviews

Learn how to reset windows 7 password with CD step by step


How to crack password protected rar restrictions?

  • 852 user views 0 reviews

Download a file in rar format but with an unknown password? Don't know how to remove the rar password or where to get the password? RAR Password Unlocker is professional rar password recovery tool.RAR


Running the memory diagnostics tool in Windows 7

  • 568 user views 0 reviews

Those who have the patience and interest to run the memory diagnostics tool in windows 7 can follow this column. Jokes apart, this column will help you about running the memory diagnostics tool. Letï


Using problem steps recorder in Windows 7

  • 670 user views 0 reviews

This column will instruct you on how you can use the problem steps recorder to record the steps (important) in windows 7. So let�s roll on without further delay.


Do a Repair Install in Windows 7

  • 2,635 user views 0 reviews

This column will enable you to retain the user accounts, data, programs and system drivers by doing a Repair Install to fix the already installed Windows 7. Please remember when to do a Repair Install


Repair system files with System file checker in Windows 7

  • 1,030 user views 0 reviews

This column will take you on a ride for scanning the integrity of all the Windows 7 protected system files. It will also help you to replace, through the correct versions, the incorrect corrupt, damag

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