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How to Restrict Websites

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Learn how to block websites using your browser, router or host file.


Monitoring the computer's network activity

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Sometimes, for security purposes or to perform the diagnosis of high-traffic consumption it is useful to test which sites and ip-addresses the computer is connecting to in the secret from the user.


How to create a shortcut to clear the clipboard

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If you often have to handle confidential information (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) or just large amounts of data using the clipboard, the latter can be easily cleared with the help of command


Reset the contents of the file hosts

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File hosts - is an important part of the network component of Windows, it stores a database of domain names that is used to translate them into network addresses.


Forgot Windows 7 Password, How to Deal With?

  • 567 user views 0 reviews

Suppose if you forgot Windows 7 password, how would you deal with the locked machine? Well, this article will show you how to reset forgotten windows 7 password.


Helpful Windows Password Unlocker 4.0 To Reset Windows Password!

  • 671 user views 0 reviews

An increasing number of daily computer users pay heed to Windows Password Unlocker 4.0, that is the reason why it becomes so popular nowadays. There is no denying that this windows password unlocker t


Reset Forgotten / Lost Windows 7 Password

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Do you need to know how to reset a login password for Windows 7? There are different ways to reset your login depending upon which password you forgot. Sometimes you can't find the forgotten or lost p


Video tutorial: How to configure windows 7 firewall.

  • 1,007 user views 0 reviews

This tutorial shows you how to configure the firewall that comes as standard with windows 7.


How to reset windows passwords

  • 696 user views 0 reviews

3 steps to remove Windows password to login Windows with no password! Windows Password Unlocker 4.0 can safely and easily reset Windows passwords including administrator password. All Windows editions


Securing the Small Business Server 2008

  • 699 user views 0 reviews

This article by David Overton covers the process of finishing the network protection and routing setup and configuring the protection of the data on the server.


Set up PC safeguard in Windows 7

  • 814 user views 0 reviews

Are you fed up with the savings committed by the standard users? Then you would definitely like to remove their settings. Don�t worry. The present column will make you aware of how to set up your


Enable or disable secure Logon CTRL+ALT+DELETE in Windows 7

  • 748 user views 0 reviews

Do you want to prevent other programs from interrupting your very own password and user name? It is now possible by enabling the secure log on. In this column, you will also be familiar with how you c

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