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Reclaim your hard drive space the easy way

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The answer is a enormous miniature freeware efficacy called Drive Space that helps you find out where all that free space has gone, similar to the more well acknowledged expressway function. The advan


Create a context menu item to copy a list of files to the clipbo

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Suppose you are a user and you want to develop a list of files in a directory form then you have to use a command that prompt the directory. Here arises a question that what will happen when you just


Rebuilding the search index in window vista

  • 429 user views 0 reviews

If you are encounter troubles with the searching engine build into Windows Vista, your best wage is to notify the indexing service to completely reconstruct the index. It will take a while to reconstr


Configure disk defragmenter schedule in windows or vista

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The method to launce the defragment utility, you have to open the start menu and then type "defrag" in search box option and then press enter. In Vista service pack1, you can choose the volume that y


Ways to Make UAC less Annoying on Windows 7 / Vista

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Majority of the users faced this inconvenience that whenever they operate their system, UAC keeps on annoying them. Users who do maximum tweaking, in result they get UAC prompts instantly. Users are i


Create a Shortcut to Quickly Edit Your Hosts File

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Shortcuts are the best way to complete a task quickly .Sometimes these shortcuts are dangerous and sometimes a piece of cake .Similarly, today's article is on a very simple but significant topic that


Edit Kodak Playsport Zx3/Zi8/ Zx1 video in Windows Movie Maker

  • 453 user views 0 reviews

Introduce the features, record video format of Kodak Playsport Zx3/Zi8/ Zx1 and tips about how to convert Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker for editing


How to recover Windows XP password?

  • 372 user views 0 reviews

Three methods to recover lost Windows XP password with bootable CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive.


How to Reset Windows Server 2008, 2008R2 Password?

  • 483 user views 0 reviews

Brief introduction about Windows Server 2008, 2008R2 and the method about how to recover the lost Windows Server password.


windows hooking: enabling and disabling keyboard, with delphi code.

  • 3,925 user views 0 reviews

folks, this tutorial is in the series of windows hooking tutorial. but this time this will be a short tutorial since it will not explaining no theory. this tutorial simply answer a simple problem. the


How To Open Any Password Protected PDF File

  • 389 user views 0 reviews

How To Open Any Password Protected PDF File


cmd line arguments in dos

  • 366 user views 0 reviews

dos is gone...but knowing about of its some internals can be useful,especially if you are programming in 16 bit assembler for learning or whatever purpose.

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