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Banner Ad Rotator Using PHP, Jquery & Ajax

  • 4,892 user views 2 reviews

Banner Ads are basically used in Affiliate marketing which may differ based on the services i.e. CPM (Cost per Impression), CPC (Cost per Click) or CPA (Cost per Action) basis


How to display an Nginx status page

  • 475 user views 0 reviews

Display simple Nginx statistics when visiting a specific URL on the server.


Bruteblock - protection against bruteforce attacks in SSH

  • 684 user views 0 reviews

Bruteblock allows system administrators blocking various bruteforce attacks on FreeBSD services. This program analyzes system logs and adds attacker‘s IP into IPFW firewall.


Troubles with memory leak and OOM-killer

  • 639 user views 0 reviews

Sometimes you can find that services on your server are shut down without any error or warning message. Lets try resolve it.


Install Redmine as FastCGI for Apache in FreeBSD

  • 509 user views 0 reviews

Short tutorial how to install and configure Redmine as FastCGI for Apache in FreeBSD.


Using Gmail SMTP to send email in FreeBSD

  • 617 user views 0 reviews

The simplest way of sending emails by using another SMTP is the using of sSMTP program. In this case with Gmail SMTP.


Install MySQL server on FreeBSD

  • 526 user views 0 reviews

How to setup MySQL server on FreeBSD.


Install Apache in FreeBSD

  • 600 user views 0 reviews

Short tutorial how to install and configure Apache Web Server in FreeBSD.


Using Gmail SMTP to send email in FreeBSD by Postfix

  • 444 user views 0 reviews

This is the best solution for servers where their configuration does not allow you to send emails directly.


How to Configure a Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall

  • 491 user views 0 reviews

This is a tutorial showing how to make a basic configuration for the Cisco ASA 5505 hardware firewall. This is the smallest ASA model. The tutorial covers also versions 8.3 and later.


10 tips on find command in Unix Linux

  • 503 user views 0 reviews

In this find command on unix tutori I have listed down some of the way I use find command regularly, I hope this would help some one who is new in UNIX and find command or any developer who has starte


How to use find command in Unix and Linux ?

  • 513 user views 0 reviews

This tutorial explains how to use find command in unix and linux by using practical examples from authors experience. In Authors own word "

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