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8 Step VB Scheduler Tutorial with a Download Sample

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After reading this easy-to-follow tutorial, you can create a simple event calendar in visual basic from scratch. You will get a calendar with multiple views (day, week and month) and events displayed


VB Forms - Forms in Visual Basic.NET 2008

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Applications are made up of one or more forms ? usually more than one. You should craft your forms carefully, make them functional, and keep them simple and intuitive.


Visual Basic.NET (VB 2008) Tutorial

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Learn Visual Basic.NET on your own. Free tutorials with source code examples


how to make dll injector vb 2010

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hi guys, this is my vb 2010 tutorial is about for dll injector


[vb2008] stopwatch tutorial

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hey guys! im new here, so i thought i would post a tutorial. so here ya go!


making a more advanced two player tic tac toe game

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this game was originally made by arjun i have modified it additionally this tutorial is of my own not written by him. i thought i'd write a useful tut here for once as i usually direct my tuts to othe


making a letter messer,l33t speaker turning text upside down.

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this will use the replace command to replace a letter with some thing else:


making a code generator

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for this explanation i'll be using batch what this will do is use buttons and text boxes to show to code of some thing you want done for example [button one] say a command [text box one] user types so


don't push the red button game

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for those of you who don't know what this is it's do not press the red button game - this can easily be done in vb quickly.


chat spammer

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what this will do is send multiple spams written in a text box after the start button is pressed and stop after the second button is pressed. this makes use of basic timer skills and the send keys com


random insult generator!

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hey first tutorial so i wanted to make it easy


visual basic 2010 : port scanner (console)

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basic knowledge of visual basic, basic knowledge of tcp (transmission control protocol)