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Quick Tip: Bold First Paragraph Content in WordPress

  • 579 user views 0 reviews

For both style and seo reasons, having bold first paragraph content in your wordpress website is a smart feature. While searching for a quick and easy to use method of implementing this feature, I cam


Insecure PHP Constants and Variables

  • 604 user views 0 reviews

PHP variables and constants can be insecure. Read this interesting post.


A Manual Install of WordPress

  • 582 user views 0 reviews

Anybody who is using WordPress knows about the one-click install that many people promote because of the ease of installation. Yeah, it is simple and you will be up and running in a few minutes, but


How To Translate a WordPress Plugin

  • 514 user views 0 reviews

A quick step-by-step and straight to the point guide on translating Wordpress in your language


How to Install Wordpress Manually Using cPanel in Under 5 Minute

  • 578 user views 0 reviews

Wordpress is the most widely used, and fastest growing, content management system in existence, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Most hosting companies make it even easier to install Wordpress


Create custom wordpress registration page

  • 578 user views 0 reviews

In this tutorial we will look in to how to create a custom wordpress registration page template as part of the wordpress theme.


Migrating a WordPress Website

  • 631 user views 0 reviews

This tutorial explores the process of moving a WordPress website from one folder, domain, or hosting provider to another, from start to finish.


How to Add Versatile Button Shortcodes to you WordPress Theme

  • 503 user views 0 reviews

The following tutorial explains how to add versatile button shortcodes with size, alignment, target, and variation attributes to your Wordpress theme. It then explains how to convert it into a plugin.


How to Start a Wordpress Blog - 5 Step Tutorial

  • 631 user views 0 reviews

In 5 short posts we go step by step on how to start and run a successful WordPress powered blog.


Getting Started with WordPress 3

  • 566 user views 0 reviews

This article by April Hodge Silver, author of WordPress 3 Complete, will guide you through the process of setting up WordPress and customizing its basic features. You can choose between a couple of op


Performing Setup Tasks in the WordPress Admin Panel

  • 520 user views 0 reviews

WordPress installs a powerful and flexible administration area where you can manage all of your website content, and do much more. In this article we will perform some basic setup tasks in the WordPre


How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress 3

  • 455 user views 0 reviews

In this article by April Hodge Silver, author of WordPress 3 Complete, we will see how to add and manage built-in image galleries to display photos and other images. You can add an image gallery to a

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