Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, turkey is great .

Thanks guys for the feedback on the switchover to the new layout. I received some contacts via email about some of the issues we were having and I’ve definitely taken out some time to fix some of them.

Fixed Pagination
We had been having this problem for weeks, I think it was overdue to squash the bug heh. I also took out the time to add install an openSearch guideline file on our site, so if you see your little search box where Google usually is in Firefox with a light blue glow around it, it means this site has a search that you haven’t installed! Hopefully, having us in your search will make some of your lives easier , so you don’t have to stumble through the site just to search it.

Lightened Server CPU Load
Was causing a few problems for some of our visitors and yes, we are still stuck on Bluehost but that will change soon. We found out during peak hours that our site was hogging the CPU down to dust and so I decided to centralize all of the files (something I probably should have done a while ago). The site loads a bit faster right now, but I still have the feeling the Bluehost server we are on is still unsatisfactory for our needs; so you’ll see some changes soon .

In the Process of Adding Programming Sections
Yes, we will be adding web programming tutorial sections soon enough. Were definately expanding our territory a bit more! Sections will include ASP, PHP, HTML, CGI, Perl, MySQL, and more . We havent even started on the desktop programs yet heh.

And we have two more great features to bring you but were keeping them on the “downlow” for now. Just wanted you to be excited . Stay Tuned .

November 24, 2006


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