Making the summer comeback a fun experience

Making the summer comeback a fun experience 1August is coming to an end, which means that many of us are back behind out desks recalling those happy days when relaxing was the only stress we had and eating, laughing and enjoying the sun was an obligation. Well do not despair, while many of us were out there enjoying the great weather we have had some very dedicated creative people send in their tutorials to

We are highly impressed with the dedication of these great designers who share their work, tricks and ideas with all of us. Thank you! These are some of my favorites from the last couple of weeks.

When you were a kid did you have in your mind the perfect cartoon character, the perfect toy you would love to own? Well dig back into memory lane because with this tutorial you can model a 3D character. Its creation in a state of pure bliss let your wild childhood fantasies free!

And here are some ideas that will get you thinking… “just fooling around with some photographs” and it will end up with a joyous exclamation “Honey! Check out what I just created!” here are two tutorials that will leave your piers impressed.

Did you take the perfect photograph this summer? The perfect beach? The perfect sunset? The perfect family picture? Well wait no longer and learn how to convert a photograph into a realistic painting. It’s a great way to make that perfect photograph an unforgettable image.

And those of you who are sitting by the AC and wanting to cool off after a hot summer can also do it in photographs! You can create a frosted image from a photograph, the effect is amazing and really worth while playing around with.

Great tutorials with which to get your creativity flowing and make the end of summer a lot more fun.

I wish you enjoy these picks. Waiting to hear from your experiments and how your photographs turned out, don’t be shy and share with the rest of us.

Welcome back!

August 27, 2010


One response to “Making the summer comeback a fun experience”

  1. Avis Austin says:

    Great tutorials with which to get your creativity flowing and make the end of summer a lot more fun.
    good job!

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