Member System Released!

This is definately one great step for Tutorial-index, our member system was released yesterday a little bit past midnight! There’s some extra features that come with signing up, here are a few:

Tutorial Commenting
Yes, you can comment on tutorial comments! This should be helpful for giving ideas, or more information, or your opninon on a tutorial. Rating for tutorials will be sync’d with tutorial commenting soon.

An Identity
You are now able to be recognized on tutorial-index and just like other sites, you can have a profile. We will put these features to real use soon, with new features coming soon.

Most of all, a place to commute and commune here. You can provide suggestions here, chill, or buy/sell/trade. Basically almost anything you can do a forum .

Also, a contest is coming up with good prizes for another project we are coming out with soon for tutorial-index. Stay Tuned!

February 11, 2007


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